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Tone of voice designer

Brands and digital products have a voice, just like humans do.

Our voice is usually the same but our tone changes according to:

  • The type of message we're hoping to send

  • The state of mind of our audience

The Tone of Voice design will enable your company or brand to speak with one cohesive voice, while detailing how to adjust your tone to different situations.

Tone of Voice Design 

About the process

The Tone of Voice design process is comprised of the following stages:​

  1. Getting to know the brand \ product - by reading existing design and branding documents in order to understand the brand’s \ product’s mission, vision, core values and personality traits.

  2. Getting to know the audience - by reviewing interactions with the customers in order to learn the lingo they use when discussing the brand \ product and build a dictionary, as well as understand their motivation and setbacks.

  3. Group interview with the company’s key personal - in order to fully comprehend the brand \ product personality, answer any open questions I may have and receive any missing data required for the design.

  4. Tone of Voice design document - write a comprehensive tone and voice design document (usually, in the form of a presentation), that fully details the brand \ product personality and the messages that will best influence its target audience\s. 

All stages require cooperation and open communication with relevant personnel.

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