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A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

There are so many different job titles for people in my line of work! There's content designer, content strategist, content delivery and user experience manager. There's even galactic viceroy of content excellence (yes, really).

Titles aside, I'm essentially a hybrid / full-stack writer, since my skill set covers the entire scope of tech copy (tech writing, microcopy or UX writing, and Marcom). I know how to formulate the right content for the right user at the right time. I create content strategies and help companies develop and maintain a unique persona, which echoes cohesively throughout all content channels and user journeys.

I was a tech support engineer and manager for over a decade before transitioning to tech content. I managed projects and teams and led cross-organizational collaborations. This means I'm both extremely technical and understand the big picture. That's as full as a stack can get!

I work in Tel Aviv, love dogs and carbohydrates, and you can see my CV on 

Hybrid writer

Why hire a hybrid / full-stack writer?

  • I bring technical clarity into UX writing

  • I address the user experience from a content perspective – Achieving empathy, humanity, and clarity across all content channels

  • I’m part of the development process – Subject matter expert and cross-team user advocate

  • I’m research and data-based – Using UX writing principles as the baseline for creating tech documents

  • I develop tools that serve the entire content stack

  • My unique perspective enables insights in solving product problems and team conflicts


What my clients say about me


Avita Flit

Product Owner and UX Lead at Appdome

​I had the chance to work with Sharona on a very intensive project for my company, which includes full Tone of Voice characterization and implementation of it in the support cycle, marketing elements, and the iPaaS platform. Sharona is a very focused and professional UX writer and a true pleasure to work with. Always understands the needs of the company/client. She is an asset to any team both on a professional on a personal level.


Zviya Baron

Head of HANGAR at IAI’s Commercial Aviation Innovation Hub (formerly)

Sharona is a real pro. She has an excellent eye for the real meaning of things and understands God is in the details. Working together was a delight. Although very talented, she received my comments and worked hard to implement them so that our organization spirit would be represented.


Dan-ya Shwartz

Data Scientist & Growth Expert at Alooma (formerly)

Sharona is a hard worker, deep thinker type of person. We've had the pleasure of working together on a series of manuals on data analysis. Sharona managed to turn my scrambled technical thoughts into a coherent piece of interesting content, and that was not an easy job to do. If you are looking for someone who is not afraid of deep diving into a new world of unknown content territories, she is your person.

Tali Stern_edited_edited.png

Tali Stern

Owner at TaliStern.Design

I hired Sharona to write copy & microcopy for my studio’s website. I was after a unique voice, someone who’ll communicate my character and my design style while following my brand’s strategy and professional values. She threw herself into the project, both strategically and creatively, captured the spirit of my brand, and put it into words. The result is a highly professional website, which attracts just the right customers for my business. I would definitely hire Sharona again in the future.

Daphna Rosenzweig Ben Ezra_edited.jpg

Daphna Rosenzweig Ben Ezra

VP at Vitendos (formerly)

As a digital marketing agency, we deal with diverse projects requiring top-of-the-line content creation. Sharona identifies each of our customers’ audiences, content world, and messaging, creating a suitable tone of voice. She then writes effective, insightful, and well-constructed content based on in-depth research and creative thinking. Sharona’s attentive service (even on extremely tight schedules), patience, and decency make her a pleasure to work with. That is why she is always our first choice when hiring a content creator. 


Amir Moshenson

Project Manager, Business Owner, Councillor at Harrow, London UK

We engaged with Sharona in preparation for a business website. Coming into the consultation with little knowledge on the process and mechanics of creating a professional website, Sharona diligently and professionally gave us E2E consultation, detailing the different functions we would have to engage and identifying areas we should focus on both in terms of complexity and cost. We look forward to working on the points that were raised in the consultation and continue our work together.


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